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Metal Hoses

Metal Hoses Customized and Delivered According to YOUR Timeframe!

Industrial Metal Hose DistributorFrom petroleum to the power industry, flexible metal hoses are the ideal solution for your demanding work environment. Your product requires that you use a metal hose that can withstand extreme temperatures and high pressures. Dependability and durability are your main concerns, and at Altas Hose & Gasket Co., we always deliver a premium product, customized to your specific needs.

Atlas Hose & Gasket carries a multitude of different metal hose brands so you can select the specific brand and type that is the best fit for your needs. Additionally, we have a wide range of capabilities that allows us to respond to nearly any query in a fast, efficient time frame.

For more information about Atlas Hose & Gasket’s full line of corrugated metal hoses, contact us today at 800-899-4354 or send an email.

Why Atlas Hose & Gasket Metal Hoses are Better than the Rest?
Why should you order your metal hose from Atlas Hose & Gasket?

You can purchase a metal hose from a myriad of manufacturers and companies. However when you need a customizable product in a timely manner, most other suppliers will fall short leaving you holding the bag. When you order a metal hose through Atlas Hose & Gasket, you’re never bogged down with corporate red tape and delays.

Instead, you’ll find our company to be customer service oriented, ready to deliver a high quality, customized product directly to you:

  • Specialized machinery to provide a quick turnaround time.
  • Four certified welders on-staff who can fabricate hoses in stainless steel, copper or Monel ®.
  • In-house testing facility which ensures that your hose is tested to your specifications and requirements before we send it to you.
  • We carry metal hoses from leading manufacturers such as Omegaflex, Inc., Penflex and Unaflex, Inc.
  • We guarantee that all products are free from defect and fabricated to acceptable industry tolerances.

When it comes to customized jobs, contact the industry leader, Atlas Hose & Gasket at 800-899-4354. Our team of professionals is ready to deliver the perfect metal hose, designed to meet your exact specifications.