Our Mission

We will continually seek to improve the quality of the products we sell through utilization of the most modern and efficient equipment and through the thorough training of our employees. We are convinced that the best way to improve is with adaptable, well trained people.

We are committed to conducting business in an ethical way, so that we may truly deserve the trust of our customers. We believe this to be the way to obtain the highest rewards and the greatest personal satisfaction for all involved.

Todd J. Bourgeois


Customer Expectations

Quick delivery, no errors

We understand you work on short, demanding timelines and when you purchase something, it has to be correct the first time. The product, quantity, and delivery schedule all need to align to ensure each order is fulfilled correctly and efficiently. Any error during the order process can create delays in schedules and potentially, loss in revenue.


Turnaround (TAR)  Expert

Maintenance on your schedule

Maintenance shutdowns or turnarounds are the most intense and demanding aspect of the industrial supply chain. During a turnaround, timely product delivery on a tight schedule can be the difference between success and failure. We know that communication is a key component during a turnaround because the order specifications and timeline must be clearly understood. Our personnel are experts in working closely with their customers to deliver outstanding products to get you back operating.